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Solutions perform energy focused engineering,   construction, and consulting services for a     wide range including healthcare, industry,       mass electrifications, rural electrifications,         hydel and wind based power.


Millions of people die each year without medical treatment in time. Why do the world sit watching them suffer ?

We provide excellent solution for your healthcare need through cutting-edge technology through human touch.


Today, construction is important because it should help preserve our ecology when it builds.

We provide the best solution in construction field with excellent man & materials and value added mobilizing capacity. Housing, Malls, Steel buildings, Structures.

York Industries International HK., Ltd

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 Crude Oil & Natural Gas

Name Unit Price
Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 48.24.
Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 52.99.
TOCOM Crude Oil JPY/kl 39,530.00.
NYMEX Natural Gas USD/MMBtu 2.69.

 Refined Products

Name Unit Price
RBOB Gasoline USd/gal. 147.50.
NYMEX Heating Oil USd/gal. 170.08.
ICE Gasoil USD/MT 477.00.
TOCOM Kerosene JPY/kl 50,420.00.


Name Unit Price
Sugar pound 14.85.
Gold oz t 1254.6.
Silver oz t 1,675.80.
Last update: January 31 2015 11:33:03

York Industries – Global Focus

York Industries is a worldwide market-oriented conglomerate.

York Industries has a wide range of impressive products including great knowledge of pharmaceutical products, power plants building and knowledge, boilers and incinerators for shipping, drilling equipment, specializing in development of infrastructure and energy products trade.

York Industries maintains operations within China, Europe, the Middle East and USA where we proudly through friends and family operate to give our clients a balanced sustainable and Conventional solution within our operational areas.

About Us

About the York Industries International HK Ltd.

York Industries HK Ltd. endeavors to provide our client with the best solution to ensure energy efficiency by optimum utilization of energy resource. Through more than three decades with steady presence in the international market York Industries HK Ltd. have been active with trading and construction from oil, gas and renewable energy sectors, to power plant, ships and healthcare.

York Industries HK Ltd. has employees and skilled partners who all successfully have held an active position in the global commodities market as well as in the construction sector. We at York Industries HK Ltd. have the best solution, benchmarking and an excellent technology to ensure availability of liftable product for our client.

Energy Products

  • CNG and LNG Delivery Worldwide
  • BLCO Bonny Light Crude Oil
  • Russian Gas Oil D2
  • Russian Mazut – M100
  • SLCO
  • Aviation Kerosene Jet Fuel JP54A1 and A2
  • Coal
  • Pipeline Distribution and Construction
  • Onshore Petroleum Storage
  • Global Logistics Solutions for Energy Products
  • Partnerships, Worldwide


More than 40 years experience specializing in:

  • Winch – Captstans, Electric / Hydraulic w / more
  • Crane
  • David
  • Control Equipment
  • MGO (Low Sulfur Fuel Oil) Cooling and Fuel changeover system
  • MGO conversion of boilers and General Machinery
  • Custom patented solution design for cooling the MGO MGO Service Tank, This type of cooling has only benefits, great benefits
  • Special department for repair and maintenance of boilers and combustion control
  • Engine Monitoring Systems
  • Bridge Control Systems and Control
  • Bridge Manøverings systems for new construction and retrofit
  • Hydraulics
  • Main Engine Starting System
  • Pneumatics
  • Marine equipment items. Anchor & Chain, optional for most purposes

Our Solution

York Industries HK Ltd. operate exclusively with products of very high quality in different segments, from offshore to onshore from the pharmaceutical industry to the energy sector, whether it is sales, purchase, maintenance or operation. York Industries HK Ltd. Has through its many years in the market developed extensive know-how specializing in design / engineering, production and service in various areas which today is the core of our business.

Our Services

Supplementing the most part in the maritime business, including follow-up team (Site Management Teams) in all shipyards.

We offer start-up, service and maintenance in most product groups worldwide.

We are and have specialized groups within most product groups in the maritime industry.

We are focused on the global maritime market, private and corporate.

Technical Services Division specializes in the following areas:

Design, development and maintenance of all our product areas. Standardized as well as customized.

In our automation solutions we manufacture Computer Network Installation. “On Site” automation, installation and maintenance.

Third-party maintenance

Local technical support, after sales and customer-tailored service.

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